Tecnodimensión, the inflatables factory

TECNODIMENSION was set up in the 21st century as a cooperative. It is made up of professionals with almost 24 years of experience in the sector, which enables us to successfully create all types of inflatables, advertising inflatables and inflatable marquees.

TECNODIMENSION we are specialists in the design and manufacturing of inflatable three dimensional objects or tensostatic structures using high technology textiles.

At the facilities of TECNODIMENSION we handle the entire process, from computer assisted design to the developing of the fully finished product using the most advanced technology in the welding and making of the materials.

At our company today, TECNODIMENSION, SL we will advise you about the most ideal design and materials to meet your requirements and budget without problems. In addition, we always use cutting edge technology and materials that comply with all European and international standards.

Don’t hesitate to request a quote on your project without any sort of commitment on your part.

Polígon Industrial de Montfullà - 17162 Bescanó - Girona (Espanya)

Tecnodimension Polígono Industrial de Montfullà 17162 Bescanó Girona (Spain)  
Tel: +34 972 23 42 41 Fax: +34 972 24 27 46 - Email: comercial@tecnodimension.com

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