About us

We are a small company that thinks big. A team of professionals who work shoulder to shoulder and share the same concerns. To be able to provide you with solutions in the form of inflatable structures and fabric architecture. In other words: solutions that can have an infinite number of forms.

From an inflatable tent for an advertising event to an emergency hospital, or a tensile structure to create shade at a swimming pool We are committed to creating and developing each projectto go a step further. The result is always a perfect balance between engineering, technology and design.

Customised design and production

We work on all the projects with you, from start to end, to always obtain the best result.

The best quality

We manufacture our products in Spain, complying with all the CE norms for safety, quality of materials and productive processes.


We are committed to innovation, development and technology. We put our knowledge about materials, fabrics and structures at your disposal to make sure your project is up to the task. We work with architects and engineers to create the best projects. The result of our work adapts to the needs of the market.

We think about new ideas, we accept challenges.

Making the most of volume

Inflatable structures have a huge visual impact, a low environmental cost and they are also easy to transport and quick to assemble. We make the most of the volume to create shapes that become play areas, shaded areas, ads for your brand or field hospitals.

The engineering of our projects

From the moment you come to us with the idea to the moment we have the finished product, fabric and construction techniques merge: we design the concept, we propose an idea, we project it in 3D and we develop it with the most suitable material and assembly techniques, with a team of professionals who have worked in the sector for 30 years.

After installation, to maintain the structure we have an after-sales service specialised in repairs, seam reinforcement, spare pieces, obstacles and protective sheets, as well as cleaning. We can also redesign projects and make modifications.

Manufacturing process

All of our projects are conceptualised, designed and manufactured as part of a technologically comprehensive development, while never forgetting about the excitement involved in doing what we like.

The manufacturing processes stem from our curiosity and from our clients’ needs. Our technical department is the first filter so that the design, in addition to being excellent, meets all the specified needs and goals.

Later, our production department is in charge of manufacturing, from cutting the fabrics to sewing the pieces, soldering them, and then applying finishing touches.

The aim is that our inflatable structures, the fabric architecture and our inflatable emergencies hospitals can become a reality. The team behind Tecnodimensión is made up of specialists in design, air, shape and engineering..

First and foremost: quality and safety

Both the materials and the constructive processes comply with the European norms for the sector (CE), as accredited by the certifying companies RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International) and ARP prevention. For us, safety and quality go hand in hand with design.