Emergency Hospital

The emergency hospital is designed to be the quickest response to an immediate care centre, in the event of catastrophes, health emergencies, natural disasters, or provide a mobile intervention centre.
These rapid action tents are modular, inflatable systems that adapt to any terrain allowing them to be quickly installed irrespective of space available. They are, therefore, an effective solution that respond to the needs of regions without a specialised medical infrastructure. Each inflatable mobile unit is created according to customer needs for satisfying population requirements.
Our speciality is to be at the service of health departments and provide our know-how, we adapt the architecture, interior space and the number of modules required.
We have manufactured emergency hospitals of up to 1200 m² which are adaptable to any space, easy to handle, quick to install and have a long life. The aim is to provide a multi-purpose infrastructure to any difficult to access region. Each module can function independently, or one can be dispensed with if necessary.

These inflatable hospitals are used for:
. Mobile hospital
. Temporary shelter
. Tents
. Travelling health conferences
. Training rooms
. Presentation of pharmaceutical products
. Seminars
. Training exercises
. Exhibition rooms

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