Starting from the idea of ​​the customer, we design and manufacture their products.

The experience of our professionals facilitates the implementation of textile and construction techniques applied to our structures, our tents become a benchmark in the international market.

Our technology allows us to soundproof engines and reduce noise pollution the inflatable. In this way they can be mounted in both open and closed without suffering excessive noise spaces. Our raw material fabrics, motors, wires, etc. They accompanied by the EC.

As professionals and design experts we have learned to evolve our products and optimize resources to provide the best quality.

For this reason, the COMPENIES and their BRANDS, our products are ideal for a good projection of its image solution.

Inflatable structures are unique spaces, architectural wealth and great visual impact, provoking a dialogue between the event and its participants.

With the most advanced TECHNOLOGY in design and manufacturing we give DIMENSION to the ideas of our customers.