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Fabric architecture

Emergency hospitals and tents


Advertising inflatable structures

Children’s inflatable structures

Sports facilities


About us

Air and technology for your project

We are a small company that thinks big. A team of professionals who work shoulder to shoulder and share the same concerns. To be able to provide you with solutions in the form of inflatable structures and fabric architecture. In other words: solutions that can have an infinite number of forms.

We work with you so your idea takes shape on the computer and can then be installed wherever you need it. Our products are manufactured in Spain, complying with all the CE norms for safety, material and productive processes.


We are committed to innovation, development and technology. We put our knowledge about materials, fabrics and structures at your disposal to make sure your project is up to the task. We work with architects and engineers to create the best projects. The result of our work adapts to the needs of the market.

We think about new ideas, we accept challenges.

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